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Create a practice space at home

Temperatures are getting colder & you may be tempted to hibernate! Keep flowing on your mat—from home! Here are a few tips to help you set up your own personal yoga space at home!

Find some privacy:

Close the door of your home office, set up a corner in your basement or even an outdoor space. Just be sure that you can truly focus and relax. Avoiding interruptions will definitely keep you focused and tuned in!

Add your favorite scent:

Fill your practice space with a calming scent. Get an oil diffuser or add your favorite essential oil to water in a small spray bottle. Spray around you and your mat. We suggest wild orange for energy or lavender for a calming effect. Clearing your space with some sage is another way to set the mood.

Play some tunes:

Put on some of your favorite music. You can tailor your music choices to what style of yoga you are practicing, such as an upbeat playlist for a vinyasa class or soothing tunes for a Yin or Deepen.

Bring in nature:

Add a few small potted succulents or a mini cactus or two.

Make it your personal practice space:

It’s important to create an environment to allow you to focus on your practice. Add a journal, a blanket and pillow, a crystal or two. Dim the lights. Anything that will help you stay committed to your space.

Once your home practice space is just right for you, we have tons of Yoga Story yoga classes you can access on your phone, computer or connect TV when you sign up for Live Streaming. Monthly membership for $50 or new students can try out a week for $10!

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