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Prenatal Corner

Hi!  I'm Sharlotte!  I'm a trained Prenatal Yoga Teacher and a doula.  Yoga is an amazing way to strengthen your body and stabilize your core prior to giving birth.  We use poses during class to help your connect with your breath and teach you tools to help manage your pain and empower your labor.  Through Yoga Story, I offer prenatal series and support for pregnant women whether they are new or experienced students.  Check out our workshop page for the latest series details.  Have a question?  Send me a note!

Classes include:

- Standing poses to strengthen the hips

- Movement and stretching to help relieve pain

- Vocal toning for labor support & pain control/distraction

- Meditation and relaxation for emotional support &  a calm mind during physical discomfort


"The classes not only offered the support, knowledge and comfort from those who had experienced birth already, but also provided a community of pregnant women to relate to.  The vocal tones we practiced in prenatal yoga took my focus from the pain of labor and got me through some strong contractions.  The tools allowed me to choose which method of distraction, meditation and pain control worked best for me."

Cassi L.

"I took prenatal yoga with sharlotte all throughout my pregnancy and it definitely helped keep my body strong and prepared for labor."

Lynn H.