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Meet The Team


Lynn Hill


Lynn is 500 hour RYT & 200 hour ERYT yoga teacher.  She specializes in anatomy & is an AFAA certified personal trainer, a level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach & a fitness content creator on the Practice Everywhere app. She's also an ordained minister. She teaches all styles but her regular classes consist of hot flow.

Lynn is passionate about her two children, running and cycling.  She finds confidence and empowerment in strength training and cooking!

You'll leave Lynn's classes feeling strong and curious about leveling up in both your physical practice and your life.  She weaves themes of resiliency and authenticity into her classes along with her knowledge of anatomy and breath work.

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Kandice Winfield

Kandice is a 200 hr RYT, having trained with Yoga Story in 2023.


With over 11 years of dedicated practice, I have delved deep into the transformative power of yoga. Initially intimidated by its vastness, I found solace in the breath, which propelled me from severe asthma to effortlessly running miles daily. This practice has been nothing short of life-changing, igniting a passion that led me to become a certified 200hrYTT instructor. Infusing my classes with a jazzy, hip-hop vibe, I aim to create a space where students can explore their edges and emerge stronger, both physically and mentally. Each session concludes with a whimsical tune, ensuring a harmonious transition from the mat to everyday life.

Among the multitude of poses, my heart finds great joy in the graceful balance of half moon and in the empowering Warrior II stance. These postures not only symbolize strength and stability but also embody the journey of transformation that yoga offers. Join me on the mat, where we'll flow, groove, and rediscover the magic within ourselves, one breath at a time.


Stephanie is a 500 hour RYT and has trained with Judith Lasater, Max Strom, Ray Long, Tias Little, Yoga Medicine (Tiffany Cruikshank), & Jamie Elmer.  


She teaches hot flow, slow flow and yin.

She specializes in Sound Healing Therapy, Restorative & Myofascial for private sessions.  

I am constantly playing music and dancing. Eats, breathes and grows dahlias. Loves the outdoors. Laughing until I cry. Love my Dogs!

In my class, I focus on creating a positive atmosphere that enables the student to become introspective so they may achieve greater self awareness. I challenge students with an openness to meet themselves where they are in this moment.


Lauren Gordon

Lauren is a Native of Chicago where she received 600 hours of Shiatsu training at the prestigious Ohashiatsu Institute.  She has been a massage therapist and has worked in the spa industry for over 15 years.  She relocated to NWA from Little Rock this past year and has spent most of that time embracing the natural beauty surrounding her.  Her enthusiasm for a well rounded lifestyle is contagious! Give Lauren a comfy pair of hiking boots and she is set! Lauren brings with her a wealth of experience in both eastern & western massage modalities.  She will take proper care to customize your massage to your specific needs, incorporating several different "tools" (e.g., reiki, crystal chakra balancing, cupping, etc) leaving you feeling whole & balanced.Lauren also teaches weekly qi gong classes and often hosts qi gong and sound bath workshops at the studio.


Arlen Goodyear

Arlen is a 200 hr RYT and teaches hot flow.

Arlen began his yoga journey in the summer of 2014 attending his first class and quickly realizing that being “on the mat” meant so much more than a “stretch”.  Besides the physical and mental advantages, he found friends, family, and community through yoga—a healthy support system to help him grow as an individual, personally and professionally.  


Arlen enjoys being a student when he isn’t teaching and continuing to grow and play on and off his mat. He also loves to cook, bike on all the trails that NWA offers, and hike with his two dogs


Cody Steussy

Cody began his movement journey about 6 years ago. He stepped into his first group fitness class and hasn't looked back. 


He firmly believes in always learning to bring a continually better experience to your fitness journey.

Cody's certifications include:

Aqua Stand Up, 200HR Yoga, 50HR Yoga Coaching, Coach by Color, Watt Rate Training, POUND, Pop Pilates, Pop Pilates Advanced, Master Trainer for Barre Above, Barre Above Pilates Method, Barre Above Level 2, GEAR Cycle, STRONG.

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Maddie Gaye

Maddie is a 200 hour trained yoga teacher & teaches Sculpt & Flow, hot flow and slow flow

Maddie loves working with non-profit organizations, listening to local musicians and is an animal lover.  She's a true crime enthusiast & an avid reader (SSDGM!).

Maddie's classes incorporate humor, good music and a carefree vibe.  You'll lose your worries and have fun while sweating to beat filled music!

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Sarah Walker

Sarah is a 200 hour trained yoga teacher & teaches hot flow, yin & yin/yang.

I love travel, plants, nature, kayaking, hiking, art/drawing.

My flows will incorporate movements to ready the body for a power flow and advanced poses, that are fun and engaging, and push your practice to the next level. On the opposite end, I love to slow down your practice and deep stretch into those areas that need lengthened, and work on breath to relax the mind and body.


Chris Morehead

Chris is a 500 hour ERYT & teaches hot flow & slow flow.  He is trained in the circus arts and contortionism.  His classes are purposeful & engaging with skillful instruction.

Chris loves animals and has a small farm!  He's a highly trained yogi that has recently written a 300 hour training for established yoga teachers to take their practice to the next level.

Chris's class will create length in your body and connection to your soul.  As one student put it, "he makes me feel my feelings! And I love it."  His classes may be challenging but his expertise makes them accessible to all. 

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Casey Kuth

My journey to yoga began in 2013. I wanted to run a marathon.

After years of increasing mileage, I wanted to conquer the most challenging distance I could think of- 26.2 miles!

So I went to yoga. I strengthened my muscles and my mind. I learned how to breathe and I developed a stronger core and I practiced perseverance. 

I built my marathon training on a yoga mat. 


Foundation is everything. Whether you are training for an event or training for life, yoga is a powerful tool. 

I strive to empower others to build  their own unique practice that allows them to find freedom in their bodies with breath and movement. Yoga introduces us to grace! I love to share a slow and grace filled practice that is accessible, fun and relaxing. 


 I welcome you to join me on my wellness journey and endless pursuit of a strong and courageous life. 


Casey is a 500 hr RYT trained yoga teacher and teaches TRX and Begin.   When she’s not on the mat she works in a local elementary school library.

She loves reading, playing outside, adventuring with her 2 doggos and spending time with her growing family.

Melissa Ruiz Eudy.heic

Melissa Ruiz Eudy

Yoga opened me up to myself. I started practicing yoga over 10 years ago as a way to fitness. After years off and on the mat, I started a consistent practice in 2020 as a way to mental stability and grounding in a dark, lonely, and confusing time in life where I didn't have tools, resources, or awareness to understand the things I was going through. I completed yoga teacher training with an amazing group of women and mentors at Yoga Story, and I was pregnant with my second baby the entire time. Teacher training was profoundly healing and connected me to myself, the mother in me, the work I do with women & families, and my babies & family in an incredible way. Yoga opens me up to my most authentic self so my energy can elevate others, and not cause chaos. It continually supports me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and I am honored to share this practice with everyone in the community.


Melissa is devoted to supporting, empowering, and educating mothers, families, and communities. Melissa is a 200hr RYT, Birth & Postpartum Doula, and Certified Indigenous Lactation Counselor. 

When she isn't teaching, practicing yoga, or helping families in birth & postpartum, she loves to spend time with friends, dabble in crafts, music & poetry, go on adventures, and spend time in nature & in water with her husband Travis, son Tripp, daughter Maya, and pets Sahara & Ash.

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Beth Day

Beth teaches Deepen in the style of Bryan Kest and hot flow.

Beth is a multi talented and intelligent woman - having been a homeschool mother & doula in the past and currently a successful real estate agent.  She's even tried out for Survivor (the TV show)!

Beth's classes feature soothing cues and fluid flows.  You'll leave feeling relaxed and surprised at what poses she can skillfully get you in to.

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Bryttney Miller

Bryttney is a 500 hr RYT, Paddefit, BUTI trained teacher.  She teaches hot flow and Deepen.

I love to staycation and read. In my class you will experience a good workout that will touch every area of the body and help you learn to listen to your body.

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Julie Ford

Julie is passionate about her yoga practice and since 2019 it has been an essential part of her life. It helps her to disconnect from the busyness of everyday life and tune into her body.

In the Winter of 2022, she decided to deepen her practice and complete her 200-hour YTT. One of her goals is to create a welcoming space for every student who comes to class, helping them to be present in their bodies and have fun while doing it.

Julie works as a Client Services Manager at a marketing company in Rogers. If she is not on her mat, you can find her spending time with her two dogs and husband, riding a bike, or enjoying time outdoors.


Camas Maroney

Camas is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and has studied with Jamie Elmer and Ray Long.  She loves to teach Power Flow, Slow Flow and Begin and has over 1000 teaching hours.

When you take Camas’ class, you will feel stronger mentally and physically.  Her classes focus on calming and centering the mind along with stretching and strengthening.


Camas is a passionate advocate for foster children.  Her family supports this cause by opening their home to children in need and volunteering and supporting local non-profit foster care organizations.

It is Camas’ hope that when you leave her class you will have found a new friend and feel stronger and more at peace.

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Amanda Oakley

Growing up a ballerina and modern dancer, Amanda has always found a tremendous amount of healing through movement.  She grounds herself with gratitude and by staying true to her heart.  Through dedication and passion; Amanda encourages her students to dive deep into themselves and continually grow.


She strives daily to teach dynamic movement that is intentional and inspiring.  Her classes gently guide her students into taking risks and challenging themselves.  She focuses on invigorating the spirit while cultivating a strong foundation, stamina, and balance.


Amanda is an 200 hr E-RYT & 500 hr RYT who has trained and practiced with many teachers from around the world.  She teaches Vinyasa, Power, Kundalini, Slow Flow and Restorative classes.  Utilizing an array of movement modalities - she is continually strengthening her practice through Yoga, Iron Mantis Martial Arts, Qigong and Tai Chi.   She leads International & National Yoga Retreats, Workshops and Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT).   Her classes will amplify your journey inward to your most radiant authentic self. 

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Rachel Ackerman

Rachel is trained by the Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga & Wellness 200-Hour Training (awareness-based vinyasa yoga integrating asana, kriya, fluid movement, pranayma, mantra, meditation, ritual, self-care, and awakening) with Director Dr. Liz Lindh in Costa Rica; asana and yoga anatomy training with Jamie Elmer, Owner/Founder of Movement Therapy Company.

Rachel offers private experiences in Yin, Yin/Yang, Deepen, Meditation, Gong Baths, Mindful Experiences, and Ritual.  

I love teaching, making art of all kinds, traveling, and exploring natural settings.  In my classes, I emphasize self-care through cultivating mind/body/breath integration, tuning into awareness, and surrendering into the moment.

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Jim Hey

Jim is YogaFit certified and trained in India while completing his MBA.  He teaches slow flow.  

I love animals and nature. My favorite travels are in RV with spouse, dogs and cats. In my classes, my goal is to get you to think about your movements and breath enough that you forgot about everything else.

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Hannah Masnek

Hannah Masnek is a 200 hour RYT and teaches studio hot flow / power flow. She is trained through CorePower Yoga and has over 50 hours in continuing yoga education.


Hannah enjoys being outside, spending time with friends and family, and hanging out with her dog, Moose. Loves live music and making her class playlist is one of her favorite parts of the job!


Hannah has been teaching for 4 years and hopes to convey the joy that yoga brings her in her classes. You can expect a big focus on breath, strong core activation, and a much needed savasana in her classes.

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Joe March

Joe is a 200-hour E-RYT with an additional 50 hours training in yin yoga with Bernie Clark. He has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has been teaching since 2018. As someone who began his yoga practice later in life, he believes that yoga is available to anyone and can benefit everyone. Joe teaches slow flow and yin with emphasis on awareness, breath, and calmness.
He and his wife live between Downtown Rogers and Lake Atalanta. They support the DTR community and Joe is on the Board of Directors of Arkansas Public Theatre. In Northwest Arkansas they enjoy daily walks at the lake, time along Buffalo River and in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness area. They also enjoy traveling to see family or to find new adventures.

Jodi Headshot.jpeg

Jodi Buchanan

Jodi Buchanan is a 200 hr RYT who teaches warm and hot flow yoga classes.  Her classes balance a power flow with breath work and mindfulness.  An emphasis on modifications and props makes her classes accessible to all skill levels.

Jodi enjoys reading, hiking in the mountains with her husband, running in local races, listening to podcasts, and spending time with her three adult children who keep her current on music and social media trends.

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