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Meet The Team

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Lynn Hill


Lynn is 500 hour RYT & 200 hour ERYT yoga teacher.  She specializes in anatomy & is an AFAA certified personal trainer, a level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach & a fitness content creator on the Practice Everywhere app. She's also an ordained minister. She teaches all styles but her regular classes consist of hot flow.

Lynn is passionate about her two children, running and cycling.  She finds confidence and empowerment in strength training and cooking!

You'll leave Lynn's classes feeling strong and curious about leveling up in both your physical practice and your life.  She weaves themes of resiliency and authenticity into her classes along with her knowledge of anatomy and breath work.


Jessica Muldoon


Jessica is a former nurse and avid yoga student.  She's attended 200 classes this year and is currently training to be a yoga teacher.  

Jessica models, cooks & gardens.  She is a mom to two awesome boys and loves to go to concerts and music festivals in her spare time.


Stephanie is a 500 hour RYT and has trained with Judith Lasater, Max Strom, Ray Long, Tias Little, Yoga Medicine (Tiffany Cruikshank), & Jamie Elmer.  


She teaches hot flow, slow flow and yin.

She specializes in Sound Healing Therapy, Restorative & Myofascial for private sessions.  

I am constantly playing music and dancing. Eats, breathes and grows dahlias. Loves the outdoors. Laughing until I cry. Love my Dogs!

In my class, I focus on creating a positive atmosphere that enables the student to become introspective so they may achieve greater self awareness. I challenge students with an openness to meet themselves where they are in this moment.


Lauren Gordon

Lauren teaches qi gong


Arlen Goodyear

Arlen is a 200 hr RYT and teaches hot flow.

Arlen began his yoga journey in the summer of 2014 attending his first class and quickly realizing that being “on the mat” meant so much more than a “stretch”.  Besides the physical and mental advantages, he found friends, family, and community through yoga—a healthy support system to help him grow as an individual, personally and professionally.  


Arlen enjoys being a student when he isn’t teaching and continuing to grow and play on and off his mat. He also loves to cook, bike on all the trails that NWA offers, and hike with his two dogs


Cody Steussy

Cody began his movement journey about 6 years ago. He stepped into his first group fitness class and hasn't looked back. 


He firmly believes in always learning to bring a continually better experience to your fitness journey.

Cody's certifications include:

Aqua Stand Up, 200HR Yoga, 50HR Yoga Coaching, Coach by Color, Watt Rate Training, POUND, Pop Pilates, Pop Pilates Advanced, Master Trainer for Barre Above, Barre Above Pilates Method, Barre Above Level 2, GEAR Cycle, STRONG.

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Maddie Hernandez

Maddie is a 200 hour trained yoga teacher & teaches Sculpt & Flow, hot flow and slow flow

Maddie loves working with non-profit organizations, listening to local musicians and is an animal lover.  She's a true crime enthusiast & an avid reader (SSDGM!).

Maddie's classes incorporate humor, good music and a carefree vibe.  You'll lose your worries and have fun while sweating to beat filled music!

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Sarah Walker

Sarah is a 200 hour trained yoga teacher & teaches hot flow, yin & yin/yang.

I love travel, plants, nature, kayaking, hiking, art/drawing.

My flows will incorporate movements to ready the body for a power flow and advanced poses, that are fun and engaging, and push your practice to the next level. On the opposite end, I love to slow down your practice and deep stretch into those areas that need lengthened, and work on breath to relax the mind and body.


Chris Morehead

Chris is a 500 hour ERYT & teaches hot flow & slow flow.  He is trained in the circus arts and contortionism.  His classes are purposeful & engaging with skillful instruction.

Chris loves animals and has a small farm!  He's a highly trained yogi that has recently written a 300 hour training for established yoga teachers to take their practice to the next level.

Chris's class will create length in your body and connection to your soul.  As one student put it, "he makes me feel my feelings! And I love it."  His classes may be challenging but his expertise makes them accessible to all. 


Lindsay White

Lindsay is a 200 hr Ashtanga,  50hr Aerial & 50hr Meditation and Breathwork trained teacher.  She is also the studio's massage therapist.

I specialize in guiding anyone from beginners to established yogi. When I'm not teaching you can find me outside, digging in the dirt, hiking, paddle boarding and enjoying outdoor life in NWA. 


In my class, you will experience power with connection of breath and self awareness.

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Casey Kuth

Casey is a 500 hr RYT trained yoga teacher & teaches Begin.  

I love being outside! Sunshine, fresh air, the ocean, hiking, biking and running are a few of my favorite things!

Yoga introduces us to grace! I love to share a slow and graceful practice that is accessible, fun and relaxing.

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Beth Day

Beth teaches Deepen in the style of Bryan Kest and hot flow.

Beth is a multi talented and intelligent woman - having been a homeschool mother & doula in the past and currently a successful real estate agent.  She's even tried out for Survivor (the TV show)!

Beth's classes feature soothing cues and fluid flows.  You'll leave feeling relaxed and surprised at what poses she can skillfully get you in to.

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Casey Kuth

Casey is a 500 hr trained R & teaches Begin & TRX.  

I love being outside! Sunshine, fresh air, the ocean, hiking, biking and running are a few of my favorite things!

Yoga introduces us to grace! I love to share a slow and graceful practice that is accessible, fun and relaxing.

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Sharlotte Fedewa

Sharlotte is a 500 hour yoga instructor, as well as trained prenatal yoga instructor and doula.  She teaches prenatal yoga classes.  She also conducts prenatal and kids yoga teacher trainings.

I love travel, my kids Rosie and Sage, food, running, swimming, strength training, hiking, reading nonfiction books, amateur gardening, trying to keep house plants alive and playing board games with my husband.

I like to teach a medium paced, breath centered class.

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Camas Maroney

Camas is a 200 hour RYT yoga teacher & teaches hot flow.  She has trained with Jamie Elmer. 

Camas and her husband are foster parents and very active in their church community.  

Her classes are focused on safe alignment and breath.  She has a great personality and love of connection with our yoga community!

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Kelsey Bourdon

Kelsey is a 200 hour RYT, NASM Personal Trainer and is going through the NWACC physical therapist assistant program.  She teaches Sculpt & Flow and hot flow.

I love to spend time with my daughter, travel, workout (all kinds), riding horses and I love flowers, trees and plants! I am an encourager and teach a vinyasa-style combining a series of fluid postures with rhythmic breathing for a full mind- body workout. I enjoy moving to music, rhythmic choreography and challenging my class to show up, work hard, have fun and leave it all on the mat.

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Rachel Ackerman

Rachel is trained by the Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga & Wellness 200-Hour Training (awareness-based vinyasa yoga integrating asana, kriya, fluid movement, pranayma, mantra, meditation, ritual, self-care, and awakening) with Director Dr. Liz Lindh in Costa Rica; asana and yoga anatomy training with Jamie Elmer, Owner/Founder of Movement Therapy Company.

Rachel offers private experiences in Yin, Yin/Yang, Deepen, Meditation, Gong Baths, Mindful Experiences, and Ritual.  

I love teaching, making art of all kinds, traveling, and exploring natural settings.  In my classes, I emphasize self-care through cultivating mind/body/breath integration, tuning into awareness, and surrendering into the moment.

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Jim Hey

Jim is YogaFit certified and trained in India while completing his MBA.  He teaches slow flow.  

I love animals and nature. My favorite travels are in RV with spouse, dogs and cats. In my classes, my goal is to get you to think about your movements and breath enough that you forgot about everything else.


Amanda Oakley

Amanda teaches power, slow flow & begin.  Growing up a ballerina and modern dancer, Amanda has always found a tremendous amount of therapy through movement.  Dealing with all the trials, challenges, gifts and blessings life throws at us all, Amanda grounds herself in gratitude and by staying true to her own heart and practice.  


She strives daily to teach dynamic movement that stays authentic in fluidity, physicality and emotion.  Her classes gently guide her students into taking risks and challenging themselves.  She focuses on invigorating the spirit while cultivating strength, a strong foundation, stamina, and balance.


Amanda is a Registered 200hr YT who has trained and practiced with many teachers from around the world.  She leads International Yoga Retreats, workshops and trains Iron Mantis Martial Arts. Her classes will amplify your journey inward to your most radiant authentic self. 

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Bryttney Miller

Bryttney is a 500 hr RYT, Paddefit, BUTI trained teacher.  She teaches hot flow and Deepen.

I love to staycation and read. In my class you will experience a good workout that will touch every area of the body and help you learn to listen to your body.

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Heidi Smith

Heidi is ERYT 200 yoga teacher and teaches Begin.  She specializes in deconstructing poses & yoga for beginners.

I believe in active mind & active body.  My classes make yoga very approachable and help set up a healthy foundation to begin a yoga practice.


Milo Fish

Milo is a 200 hr RYT that teaches power & slow flow.  She specializes in trauma informed teaching & is currently going through advanced training for somatic coaching.  She looks forward to integrating these tools into a Yoga for Trauma program at Yoga Story!

She enjoys spending time with friends, her dog, her boys and the great outdoors.  Her favorite thing to do is hike some of the amazing trails that NWA has to offer. 

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Hannah Masnek

Hannah Masnek is a 200 hour RYT and teaches studio hot flow / power flow. She is trained through CorePower Yoga and has over 50 hours in continuing yoga education.


Hannah enjoys being outside, spending time with friends and family, and hanging out with her dog, Moose. Loves live music and making her class playlist is one of her favorite parts of the job!


Hannah has been teaching for 4 years and hopes to convey the joy that yoga brings her in her classes. You can expect a big focus on breath, strong core activation, and a much needed savasana in her classes.

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