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Take Yoga Story with you wherever you are and practice on your schedule, all while supporting a local, small, Northwest Arkansas business!  Stay connected with our community and allow you to stay safe at home but still practice with your favorite Yoga Story teachers!  


To view the live stream archive site, please follow the below directions:

If you want to take a class virtually via zoom, live while it happens, sign up for the class through MindBody like normal and you will receive the zoom link prior to class time.  Virtual drop ins are still available for $8/class.



If you do, go to step 2!

If you do not, purchase one through this site & gain access.



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Purchases are non refundable and non transferable.  Virtual class passes are not interchangeable with physical class packs.  No prorations or suspensions.  If you purchase a drop in & do not attend your virtual class (individual class) and do not early cancel, you will be checked into class and lose the pass.  



This is very important! As we are not able to supervise your form and technique, we must be clear that Yoga Story nor any of our instructors are responsible for any injuries sustained during the course of performing these classes in the privacy of your home. You assume responsibility and liability. Please check with your doctor if you have any injuries, questions or concerns before starting any exercise program.

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