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Established in 2010 and located in Downtown Bentonville, Yoga Story offers a varied selection of styles and temperatures.  You need no special ability, no special training, no special look. You can be well connected, have a small tribe or be brand new to town. At Yoga Story, we know you aren’t WHO you know, WHAT you wear or what you DO. You are more than that. And we are more than just asana, the physical postures. We are more than just calories burned. We are more than just sweat. We are empowerment. We are education. We are authenticity.

And together, we are magic.



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A powerful vinyasa class emphasizing a dynamic flow of challenging poses. A vigorous practice at a higher intensity level with a heat of 90+. These classes are listed as Power Flow on our virtual platform.
Bring a towel and water in a closed container. Hand towels and mat towels available to rent at the studio.

Warm Flow

A vinyasa class emphasizing a dynamic flow of poses.  A medium intensity class similar to hot class but with less heat - 80-85 degrees. A step between beginner and hot flow for those who need more intensity but aren't ready for or don't want more heat. 

Lunch Flow

This is a 50 minute class.  ROOM TEMPERATURE A vinyasa flow class with no heat. Take a break from your work day to move your body and breeeeathe! 


ROOM TEMPERATURE Learn the building blocks of a Power Vinyasa Flow.  In this class we will break down the poses in a way that will help you develop a strong foundation in your practice.  Discover the connection between your body and breath as we focus on alignment.  A lower intensity level great for those just getting started or for those days when you just need to breathe.

Sculpt & Flow

Sculpt and Flow incorporates cardio, full body strength, and vinyasa flow with lighter weights and higher reps. Class ends with traditional yoga stretches for a full body challenge and release! Set to high energy music, this class will make you move and sweat! Modifications and different intensity levels are available and encouraged so every BODY can participate. Water and mat towel are highly recommended. Class size limited to 25.

Slow Flow

A slower-paced vinyasa class in a warm (80 degrees) room with lower intensity, this class is great for all levels.

A practice based on Brian Kest's long, slow deep method. This class will lead you through a series of poses that you hold for 5-10 breaths, followed by a deep stretch of the muscle activated during the pose. This practice is a must if you regularly if you are a runner, cross-fitter or desk worker! The majority of the class will be spent on your mat.


This class is appropriate for all students seeking the benefits of a very relaxing, gentle, and nourishing practice.  The soothing combination of gentle hatha and deep restorative work improves range of motion and joint mobility while reducing pain and the effects of stress. Students with injuries, arthritis, or other chronic conditions are welcome in these classes.  Practitioners with limitations related to age or size as well as students with a more vigorous yoga practice will benefit from this practice.  No prior yoga experience required.

Yin and Yang

Combination of slow flow, ending with restorative postures utilizing props. Great for all levels, stress reducing.


An levels flow for the community! Priced at $5 and taught on a rotation by Yoga Story teachers.  End your week with us!


Slow paced style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time. Yin yoga is a different way of stretching, as the practice helps lubricate the joints vs. stretching the belly of the muscle. Great for all levels.

Yoga Core

Create stabilization, strength and power in your core through a series of progressive exercises designed for every BODY! Through the use of pranayama, yoga bandhas and modern day core work, you’ll engage, isolate and SWEAT! Knowing how to properly use your core helps relieve low back pain, supports running and lifting, and will assist your physical yoga practice. A 30 minute class. 

Yoga Body Boost

Rounding out our fitness options is Yoga Body Boost.  This class combines a yoga warm up and cool down with a strength & cardio HIIT on an interval timer!  You'll get strong and sweaty!  Weights provided at the studio and you will need them at home if you are joining virtually. A 45 minute class.

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