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Established in 2010 and located in Downtown Bentonville, Yoga Story offers a varied selection of styles and temperatures.  You need no special ability, no special training, no special look. You can be well connected, have a small tribe or be brand new to town. At Yoga Story, we know you aren’t WHO you know, WHAT you wear or what you DO. You are more than that. And we are more than just asana, the physical postures. We are more than just calories burned. We are more than just sweat. We are empowerment. We are education. We are authenticity.

And together, we are magic.



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Designed to be a "flow" style vinyasa practice, these classes range in temperature and pace.  The schedule will indicate if they are hot or room temp (e.g., Lunch Flow).  We recommend having some yoga knowledge or fitness base for these classes.  Beginners can take these classes but we suggest being open to not doing all the postures & modifying them as needed with the understanding that the hot classes are between 85-90 degrees in temperature. 


Classes of a slower style pace, whether you are new to yoga, looking to bridge the gap between styles or simply need a more relaxed pace, these styles will soothe both mind & body.  Classes in this category are:  Slow Flow (a chill flow at room temp); Yin (a cooling stretch based class); Yin & Yang (a fusion of slow flow and yin); Begin (just starting a physical yoga practice).  

You'll find regular sound baths on our schedule during Yin & Sound and Meditation & Sound.  These classes will not only calm your physical body but your nervous system as well with an immersive sound experience.

Qi Gong is a coordinated slow flowing movement & deep rhythmic breathing class that induces a calm meditative state of mind.  As you practice, you will move chi, or life energy, to encourage the release of stale energy and bring in fresh energy into the body.

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We love our yoga & we love fitness too!  But don't get it confused, yoga is so much more than physical postures.  Fitness is all about that sweat!  Some classes are fused with the structure of a yoga class with added strength & cardio benefits (e.g., Sculpt & Flow and Yoga Body Boost) and some are pure fitness (e.g., TRX & Mat Pilates).  Come prepared to move & get your heart rate up with some great music!  The Sculpt Cult is pretty infamous and you will get invited to drinks at the Dive after!  TRX is full body conditioning with a suspension strap.  Pop Pilates is a pilates class without the reformer and is focused on hip and core strength.  You'll perform challenging movements to music for a sweaty and fun class!

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