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April is National Stress Awareness Month!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Stress....It's like death and taxes. No one escapes it, but we do have tools to deal with it. April is national stress awareness month and this month we are spotlighting classes and practices that you can use to help keep overwhelming stress at bay!

Research shows when you have fewer stressors in your daily life, you have increased emotional stability, better moods and overall superior health.

Amp up self-care. Routinely putting yourself at the end of the line is a disservice to your mental and physical health! Self-care makes your use of time more sustainable. Things like our partner massage workshop will educate you on the physiological effects that commonly occur during a massage to help reduce stress, including increased endorphins, serotonin and dopamine while decreasing cortisol. Or book a one on one massage with Lindsay and experience a full body stress reduction for yourself!

Take a lunch break with Restorative Yoga on Mondays at Noon. Indulging in a restorative activity rejuvenates your mind and body and restores your success juices!! Work breaks also lead to higher job engagement and performance as well as better sleep, increased immunity, lower blood pressure, improved digestion and increased emotional well-being.

Interested in meditation, but don't know where to start? Our Monday Meditation Series will help you integrate meditation into your life. Having a mental break during the day will keep you engaged, calm, and energized. And if you work from home, just join us virtually! Plus we have a podcast with live recorded meditations and classes, interviews and more!

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