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Benefits of a morning yoga practice

Regardless of whether you are an early bird or like to sleep in, the benefits of starting your day with movement and breath are many!

1) Start your day with intention and focus. It's easy to start off in a rush and stressing about your tasks for the day. Starting your day with a yoga practice can help you focus your mind on how you want to spend your energy in an intentional and mindful way.

2) Dynamic movement can help lengthen muscles and create lubrication in the connective tissues that aid in a more mobile, less stiff body.

3) Deep breathing helps wake the mind up and keep it out of a stressful state. It's also good practice to teach your brain how to calm itself down simply be learning how to breathe in a mindful way.

4) Learning skills like meditation have been shown to contribute to combatting illnesses that thrive off chronic stress.

5) The physical poses strengthen postural muscles that help the body stay upright, if you have a desk job, with less tension in the back and hips.

6) Starting your day a little earlier can help you be more productive throughout the entire day.

Start your day off with a quick 15 min flow with Lindsay!

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