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5 ways to stay motivated in your at home workouts!

1. Be your own hype person

Use encouraging words and phrases - write them on a sticky note and put them on your mirror! Set 5 alarms if you have to!

2. Have an accountability partner who is also a hype person.

You need someone to help motivate you to get your workout done. Lift each other up when your hype is less than 100.

3. Workout at a time you know you'll get it done.

Mornings are a great time to workout. Even if you're not a morning person. Get used to going on autopilot just a little bit to push through the "I'd rather be in bed" or "hit snooze" thoughts that may come up. If you get er done in the evening, great! Make sure you put work away or pass off the kids so you have uninterrupted me time. Single mom/dad? Make the kids work out with you!

4. You make extra time - you don't HAVE extra time.

Very rarely does anyone suddenly find themselves with extra time and be ready to workout RIGHT THEN. People who consistently hit goals, plan for them. Write it in your work calendar, put it on a google calendar, put it in a planner. Then do it.

5. Do workouts that you like but that fit your goals.

You won't tone your arms by walking. You won't have better range of motion if you don't practice it. Do the workouts that you like but remember that specific goals will need specific actions to go along with them.

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